Aluminum truck box

Available in 2 or 3 axles

Raglan is the industry leading dump truck body builder and installer. They custom build every box to fit each truck chassis to the customer’s exact specifications. Their incredible attention to detail makes them renowned for having the highest quality dump boxes on the market. A Raglan dump box is both eye catching and profitable for fleet owners and owner-operators alike.


Standard specifications

  • 5454 aluminum
  • Smooth sides
  • Curved floor
  • D. Hinge
  • Rubber on bottom sills
  • Air locks
  • Air on electric tarp
  • 40 ton hoist
  • Greasable hinges
  • 3 line pump system
  • All valves in sealed box
  • Sealed wiring
  • Spread chains
  • Compression locks


  • H.M.W. Liner
  • D. Rock box
  • Pintle hitch
  • Grain door
  • Dump skirt
  • Extra lights
  • Steerable lift axle
  • & plus encore!

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